Committed to the environment

At Riopaila Agrícola we act with respect and commitment to the environment and we ensure compliance with regulations with a preventive approach.

Strengthening a culture of preservation is part of our business philosophy and that is why, as a company, we encourage the participation and implementation of actions that contribute to mitigate climate change and environmental impacts.

Presentation of investment projects for the adoption of best practices and efficient use of water resources:For our agricultural company, water resources are essential in the operation, for this reason, we carry out permanent designs, maintenance, recovery and replacement of irrigation and drainage stations and systems, seeking to maintain the highest technical and operational efficiency.

Reforestation programs: As a contribution to the protection of watersheds in Riopaila Agrícola we develop representative reforestation planting plans in the areas of influence that contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem. We also contribute voluntarily to the associations of users of each of the basins and maintain our active participation in the technical-administrative committees of each of them AURPA and ASORIBU.

Water consumption: The availability of irrigation water has been decreasing in recent years and surface water sources have become the main irrigation alternative. This condition suggests the use of closed conduction systems that prevent water losses before its application to the crop in order to finally make a rational use of the resource, which is represented in average volumes of application in wells of 1200 m3/acres.

Energy consumption: Over the years, Riopaila Agrícola has maintained its investment plan in infrastructure, equipment and high technology systems that have allowed us to maintain and improve productivity, achieving significant savings in electricity consumption.