At Riopaila Agrícola S.A. we govern our actions with ethical principles and values, we understand that this is the only path toward trust, the consolidation of an unshakable reputation and a great contribution to sustainability”. Consequently, we make available to shareholders, administrators, collaborators, contractors, clients and the general community channels to report any situation that goes against the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, the Code of Corporate Best Practices, non-compliance with internal and external regulations and any other situations involving:

● Theft of company property, employees, contractors or any other property in the workplace.
● Improper use of company resources.

● Conflicts of interest or situations of privilege to contractors, suppliers or employees.
● Harassment at work.
● Sexual harassment.
● Fraud.
● Bribes received by or delivered by employees of the company to others.
● Environmental impacts.
● Linking the agricultural company with people associated with illicit activities.
● Report fraudulent or unreal information by company associates to management, shareholders, or external entities
● Any other situation that runs counter to the principles Ethics and Corporate Values.


● The report can be done anonymously.
● Be sure to provide sufficient information with names, charges, geographic locations, dates and describe the situation in detail.
● If you want to put information to contact you and to enlarge the information, it is guaranteed absolute reservation.